Herein lie the tales of we two vagabonds, Clark & 9ah. We travel aboard our custom homebuilt trimaran for six months each year, but this blog is about the months we are NOT aboard our boat. In other words, when we are on terra firma. We like to travel in small vehicles, be it our sailboat or one of our two trailers. The first, a vintage 1948 Higgins Camp Trailer, allows us to travel overland to off-the-beaten-track sorts of places. Higgins offers little in the way of comfort save for keeping us out of the wind and rain. Our second (newly acquired) trailer is a 1979 Trillium 4500 fiberglass “egg” with propane heat, 3-way fridge, and 3-burner cooktop. Miss Trilly is all-original and in very good working order, however we can’t help but bring her 70s upholstery into the 21st century and perform needed rehab work. She may be getting a new axle with a bit higher ground clearance. (ed; See Higher Ground… )


We will be posting photos of our travails as we update and maintain each trailer. You are invited to follow along!

Happy travels,
Clark & 9ah

Our Websites :
The Websites of Clark & Nina
The Adventures of Rikki-tikki-tavi
Left Coast LCHF ~ a way of living

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Just found your site. It’s really great! Even though we’re looking to pick up a scamp trailer soon, a lot of your info seems like it could work with a variety of projects, not just Trilliums alone. Thanks for posting such great content and info. I look forward to reading through all of it!

  2. Hi
    Just saw your 4500 from a link on the FiberglassRV forum. Very nice trailer!
    I was just looking at your awning, can you tell me what brand / model it is? We’d like to to enventually install a similar one on our 5500.



    (Carl V on FGRV)

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