Mr Higgins

Mr Higgins attracts attention wherever he goes. He certainly doesn’t look like just another tent trailer. At sixty-five years of age, he is older than we are and still going strong. Higgins was designed and built for a different time, when things were built tough and made to last. Inevitably, as we fuel up our tow vehicle, someone will say, “What is this? I’ve never seen anything like it!” When we are camping and Higgins is set up, folks always come by to get a closer look. On a very crowded Thanksgiving Day weekend at Joshua Tree NP, the campgrounds overflowed with all manner of camping vehicles and tents. There were shiny Airstreams and VW Westies, a vintage “tin can” or two, a number of monstrous motorhomes and dozens of ultralight nylon backpacking tents. Joshua Tree is popular with the rock-climbing and bouldering crowd. One gal commented that, of all the RVs at the park, she liked Higgins best of all! So do we. Mr Higgins is a lovable old guy who loves to travel the back roads.

Here Clark presents our 1948 Higgins Camp Trailer at Higgins‘ first campsite at a very chilly Tehachapi Mountain Park, February 2011.


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