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Yesterday, I am proud to say, marked the completion of new upholstery on the seat cushions. We are pleased with the textured Crypton fabric and are certain it will wear extremely well. The color complements the buttercream of the trailer’s gelcoat. I chose a very elegant Barrow fabric with a leaf pattern for the seat backs.

Crypton Textured Earth for the seats:Crypton-Fabric

Barrow M8221 Chameleon for the back cushions:BacksFabric

My mom’s 85-year-old Singer sewing machine performed the majority of the stitching. She says it was Singer’s very first electric model. I was unable to get the tension set properly on my much younger and fancier Brother machine. It does a myriad of decorative stitches, but apparently doesn’t like heavy duty thread. The old Singer handled it just fine. I decided to make cushions with a top and bottom welt, so it would be nice to have a welting foot to make the sewing a bit easier, but I am making it work with a zipper foot.

And here is the result…

SetteeSeat1Next, we will build up foam to make a deeper wrap-around back cushion for each front dinette seat. The flat cushions do not provide enough support as they are. The small table there was designed to drop down to make up a single bed, but we will never use it that way. Instead, we will create an attractive and inviting sitting area. This table will be utilized constantly, so the seats must be comfortable and functional.

Miss Trilly came with a new, one-piece foam mattress to fit the large, aft settee. It is very comfy! We will leave this mattress in place with the bed made up. Perhaps we will also have throw pillows there for lounging. You are probably wondering why I am going to the trouble to recover the cushions for this area. Just in case we decide to use the area as a table sometime in the future, we want everything updated while the fabrics are available and I am set up to sew.

We have ordered a new Torflex axle. The next post may be about the axle installation! Stay tuned…

Happy travels,
Clark & 9ah